The planet is faced with multiple challenges that deserve our common attention. We must all take responsibility for our global impacts in order to make the world a better place.

We believe in classic design and quality products - a concept that will never be out-of-fashion.

Quality is a good way to ensure long-lasting use and sustainable consumption. It is extremely important that all items in our range are safe and free from restricted substances.

All suppliers of James Harvest must follow the requirements in our Restricted Substance List. The list has been designed in accordance with legislations such as REACH, but also taking into account industry recommendations and standards. As a result, our requirements are often stricter than the applicable legislation.

We take part of the Swedish Chemicals Group to receive the most updated information on chemical legislation and developments. With this information we can actively work to reduce and replace chemicals in line with the best available technique.

Improving Working Conditions

We are aware of the great responsibility that comes with sourcing goods in countries with different legal cultures and labour conditions. We must ensure that the business operations of our suppliers respect national requirements as well as international conventions on human rights. A successful work requires devotion and some amount of patience. Many of the challenges we face are global problems like poverty and malfunctioning welfare systems. In this sense, social compliance does not offer a quick-fix.

We believe it is essential to be present on-site. For this reason, we have local offices in Asia taking care of the everyday-work with supplier auditing, monitoring, and dialogue. Our CSR staff are educated and well-experienced on labour conditions and environmental aspects of the production sites. Their work is leading the development.

What do we expect from suppliers in terms of labour conditions?

James Harvest Sportswear has adopted the BSCI Code of Conduct, used for members of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). It contains requirements on minimum wage, working hours and the prohibition of child labour, amongst several other requirements from international conventions. These are our main requirements on all suppliers. We also have a commitment towards BSCI to engage our suppliers in third part examination by independent auditors. We consider it a quality assurance to have both internal and external audits.

A BSCI report is not a certificate. It is a tool for responsible brands to be used in systematic monitoring and improving routines. Even the best supplier could occasionally end up with findings. Social compliance must be controlled and implemented in a management system. BSCI also enables brands to cooperate. Today, more than 1,300 companies worldwide have joined the BSCI. This empowers our voice and influence in the social dialogue.

New Wave Group, our parent company, is a signatory member of the pioneering Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. The Accord is a binding contract between brands, international and local trade unions and NGOs. Its aim is to make all garment factories in Bangladesh safe workplaces, which includes a program of safety inspections and a commitment to ensure that the necessary repairs and renovations are carried out. The Accord is a unique initiative that will have significant impacts on the daily lives of millions of textile workers in Bangladesh. We are proud to be a part of this project.

Child Labour and Poverty

Today, approximately 1 billion people live in extreme poverty - an overwhelming figure. We can never accept this number in our quest for a sustainable society. Extreme poverty is linked to all the major challenges of the world and forces people to make impossible choices between food, medicine, housing and education. It is often a root cause to global problems like child labour and denial of basic freedoms.

Hand in Hand fights poverty with entrepreneurship. The organisation aims to create 10 million jobs for some of the poorest residents in the world. The holistic approach of Hand in Hand includes education and training of women, effective abolishment of child labour, compulsory school attendance and environmental programs with a focus on waste management, water treatment and biogas. The work involves whole communities, which gives Hand in Hand a unique impact on the livelihood of all villagers.

So far, Hand in Hand has created 1.7 million jobs and at the current rate, 1000 new jobs are being created each day. James Harvest Sportswear supports Hand in Hand with funds to enable three villages to participate in the project. Our villages are located in the textile region of Tamil Nadu in southern India.

More on the environment

James Harvest Sportswear has two main strategies to decrease environmental impact and to cut our emissions of greenhouse gas. First of all, we must influence the transportation companies that we are working with. Our membership in "Clean Shipping Index" aims to impact the shipping companies to use cleaner vessels by ranking the most high-performing ships.

Our group of companies works with some of the largest transportation companies on the market, all of which have environmental programs in place for their operations. Secondly, we always strive to improve our internal logistics and work methods. Within our group, we club together as much protecting the environment, it also contributes to the streamlining of our operations.

Recycling for a sustainable society to collect and recycle waste packages is a wonderful way to reduce environmental impact and create cradle-to-cradle circulation. James Harvest Sportswear embraces our producer responsibility and contributes financially to the collecting system where we operate. The Green Dot is our credential of participating in the Producer Responsibility Organisation. To learn more about our work with CSR, visit